Principle Cast

(A note to new readers: Astra and friends begin the story as children. They are now adults.)




Astra The Black


 known titles and aliases

   "Heir to The Black Horn"
   "Shadow Lord Aspirant"
   "Astra The Wanted"
   "Astra The Fateless"
   "The Doom Fazer"
   "Little Lady Black (Formerly)"

Lead protagonist to Astral Aves. Daughter of Strato The Black, and Imogen Aurelius. Astra climbed the Seat of Shadows with  Lorn Avenarius, and has been challenging her fate ever since.







Lorn Avenarius

  2.  known titles and aliases
   "Witch Errant"
   "The Vagabond Prince"
   "Gloom Sunderer"
   "The "He's actually rather quite responsible for his age""


Astra's best friend. He lost his parents at a young age, and was raised by his aunt, Wind Avenarius. He has been trying to unravel the mysteries of the world ever since.








Ok, Seriously? Is this a 'Lord of Darkness' or something? Because it's the biggest creep yet.


Philippa "Pippa" Twentysuns


known titles and aliases


   "Knight Captain"
   "Queen Bird"
   "Boss of the Sunshine Gang"
   "The Knight With The Strange Shadow"

Pippa has aspired to be a Knight of Sol Solaris since a young age. She and Astra met at the Emperor's Palace in Sol Solaris. Initially rivals, they've become fast friends.










Characters of The Black Horn





Strato The Black
 known titles and aliases
   "The Moon Prince"
   "Lord of Darkness"
   "Lord of The Black Horn"
   "Hero of The Midnight Tide"
   "Astra's Father"
Strato was one of the principal leaders of the "Revolution of The Midnight Tide", along with Wind Avenarius (his best friend), Lunas  Qin, Aquila Bellgrave, and Imogen Aurelius. Together they ousted  the Witch Kings of the Black Horn. In the aftermath, Strato ended up The Black Horn's reluctant Ruler. 









Wind Avenarius


 known titles and aliases

   "The Phantom Wind"
   "The Prince of Witches"
   "Lord of Darkness"
   "Hero of The Midnight Tide"
   "Lorn's Aunt"


  1. One of the heroes of the "Revolution of the Midnight Tide", Along with Strato (her best friend), Lunas, Aquila, and Imogen.  Wind lost her sister to the Witch Kings of The Black Horn.  Adventurer, Author, and Witch, she was left to raise her sister's child, Lorn Avenarius.  





Lunas Qin
  known titles and aliases
   "Black Horn Noble"
   "Lunas The Pecunious"
   "Hero of The Midnight Tide"
A wealthy noble, that aided immensly in The Revolution of The  Midnight Tide. Friends to Strato and Wind, Lunas provided  financial support and a cunning mind to their cause. He was left to manage the day-to-day running of The Black Horn.







Aquila Bellgrave



  known titles and aliases
   "Bastille Breaker"
   "Dread General Aquila"
   "Captain One Eye"
   "Hero of The Midnight Tide"


  1. A close friend to Strato and Wind, Aquila was the military leader behind The Revolution of The Midnight Tide. He has no affinity for spooky shadow magic, but knows how to lead troops. Married to Apolla, and proud dad of three.





Apolla Bellgrave (née Gloamrose) 



  known titles and aliases
   "Witch of The Woods"
   "Lyra's sister"

Apolla lived with her sister, Lyra Gloamrose, near the Parralax Wood of the Black Horn. She is a studied witch, and a fan of Wind Avenarius's texts. She saved Aquila Bellgrave from death, and they married. She's now a mother of three. 







 Fortnight Zuloaga


 known titles and aliases



A Black Horn Privateer, who sells services to the highest bidder. Proud owner of a cannon, captain of The Fleecing Fog, and leader of a crew of Witch Pirates.










Characters of The Vermeil Tetrarchy





 Rho Verrazano


  known titles and aliases

   "The 9th Merchant Prince"
   "Prince of Beets"


A Merchant Prince of The Vermeil Tetrarchy, Rho was befriended by Wind Avenarius. He loves money, adventure and getting in over his head. 






Characters of The Whitemarche





 Israfel Bronte


 known titles and aliases

   "Lord of Light"
   "Lord of The Whitemarche"
  1.  Lord of The Whitemarche, defender of light, and disliker of witches, Israfel Bronte has a strong dislike for The Black Horn, and a stronger dislike for Strato's 'revolution'. He's convinced he's just another Witch King up to no good.










"Poet Laureate"
"Spy Master"

 She speaks in cryptic riddles.





 "Spy Master"

Understands Cygnus...somehow.





Gretag Macbeth



 known titles and aliases

   "Crone of Dawn"
A strange old woman who lives in the snowy peaks of the Whitemarche. She's often blamed for terrorizing the local village with her occult shadow magicks, but she's too old to care what those youngin's think.









 Characters of Sol Solaris





Imogen Penthesilea Aurelius



 known titles and aliases
   "The Princess Knight"
   "Emperor's Daughter"
   "Hero of The Midnight Tide"
   "Astra's Mother"
Imogen is the second daughter to Kong Aurelius and princess to Sol Solaris. Her mother was a Witch Noble from the Black Horn. Adventurous in her youth, she set out to the Black Horn and aided in the Revolution of the Midnight Tide, along with Strato, Wind, Lunas, and Aquila. After finding victory, Imogen and Strato were encouraged to wed, to strengthen political ties between their respective kingdoms. It did not work out.






 Kong Aurelius



 known titles and aliases

   "Emperor of Sol Solaris"
   "Grill Master"
   "Imogen's Father"
   "Astra's Grandfather"
The 88th Imperor of The Kingdom Of True Noon, Sol Solaris. Kong is more interested in grilling steaks than statecraft. Arranged for Strato and Imogen to marry. In his youth, he was known to suplex evil witches.









"Knight of The Princess Guard"

Friend to Imogen.





"Knight of The Princess Guard" 

Friend to Imogen.








 Friend to Pippa.








 Also friend to Pippa.

















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